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Ford F 150 Or Chevy Silverado, What Should You Buy in Riverside, CA

Ford F 150 Or Chevy Silverado, What Should You Buy  in Riverside, CA

Are you confused between Ford F 150 Or Chevrolet Silverado, and can't really decide which one to go for? Well, not anymore because in this article we will be talking about all the differences between these two vehicles in terms of three main aspects that include cost, features, and maintenance.

So let's get started with the Ford VS Chevy war!

Price comparison: Which one is cheaper, Ford or Silverado?

If we compare the cost of both these vehicles, we won't be finding a very massive difference since the average price that you would find for a Chevrolet's cab would be nearly $28,000 whereas a Ford F-150 with almost similar features would cost about $27,000


As compared to Chevy, Ford is much more strongly built and also provides a better grip and handling experience.


While Ford trucks are undoubtedly of high quality and better than many competitors they are not equally compatible with Silverado trucks that are considered to be more reliable, long-lasting, and high quality. Even though Ford trucks are of high quality, many have rated Chevy to be relatively more reliable and long-lasting. So if durability is what you are looking for in your truck the Silverado might suit you better

Towing capabilities

The Ford 150 has fierce and unparalleled towing capabilities but in this category, the Silverado is no less with the Silverado 1500 features an impressive towing capacity of 13,300 pounds.

Technology features: Silverado Vs Ford

While there is plenty of modern technology being offered in many of the recent Silverado models such as the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. It just isn't compatible with other vehicles, especially not the Ford 150. The Chevy surely could use some features such as driver-assists that would help improve the convenience offered to users.

Luxury Vs Work

Based on these features, let's decide whether the Silverado is more appropriate for work purposes or the Ford.

So, in this regard, there is a general agreement of the majority that Ford classifies mainly as a work truck so is not the best for luxury since it does not have some features that other luxury trucks provide. And the same goes for Chevy! Their high amounts of weight, excellent towing and other similar features make them good options as work-based trucks.

Most people agree that Ford classifies mainly as a work truck even though some features might be to facilitate a luxury demanding audience as well and Silverado is mainly work based truck as well. Both of these classify as work trucks for different reasons such as their high amounts of weight.


When it comes to maintenance costs neither the Silverado nor the Ford 150 are expensive to maintain with the Silverado 1500 having a pretty reasonable maintenance cost of around $700 which is significantly lower than the average of $936 for many other full-size pickup trucks. Likewise, it costs around 800$ to maintain an F-150 truck per year, which is more than the requirements for Silverado but still appreciable.

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